Symplifi Health is proud to sponsor new or clinically relevant advancements in our industry. We love the profession of dentistry and on occasion will host a bonus episode specifically to dental professionals. Our profession is wrought with ergonomic challenges that create debilitating physical pain like carpel tunnel syndrome. Our very own Aurelia Bryne has created the AflexX Assist Arm, a dental device that acts as a third arm. In this special bonus episode, Aurelia Bryne RDH interviews Taylor Anderson RDH about the focus of using proper ergonomics and indirect vision. As a dental hygienist or any dental personnel over time, the constant repetitive motion causes muscular skeletal disorders. The AflexX Assit Arm is designed to help prevent the repetitive motion causing aches and pains. Aurelia’s passion for dentistry is contagious and she loves helping others take care of themselves so they can take care of others.

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COMING SOON!  -  AUGUST 30, 2018