Case Story: Airway Obstruction & Snoring Children

July 16, 2018

Oh great! A child prophy on my schedule. Easy breezy. Quick in. Quick out. Clean off some plaque, educate about brushing, use Mr. Thirsty, polish and sparkle up those teeth. Mom they look great! 
DO they??????
Do they really?
Are you really observing them? 

This is typically an appointment on our schedule that we love and enjoy. But as a progressive practitioner you would not take it too lightly. You would be evaluating things on a totally different level.

How is their behavior in the office or at school?
Do they have a narrow palate?
Are there circles under their eyes?
How big are their tonsils?
Can they breathe easily through their nose?

We must look beyond their actual primary teeth and think about the early phases of growth and airway. Air is critical for good health and development and airway obstruction is more common than you think. Your expertise could really change the future health of a person by identifying critical aspects of breathing and oxygenation in a child. Learn these concepts on a child and then you will have the tools to observe them later in life on adults too!
Make a difference.... a huge difference!

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