Case Story: Physical Fitness Paradox

July 17, 2018

Skinny "bitches" watch out! You may not be as healthy as you think you are. In the book "The Obesity Paradox" by Carl Lavie MD he talks about being fit is much more important than being skinny. Thank heavens... we healthier curvy women finally have justice.
Cade Allison and Dr. Jill Wade talk about why exercise and being fit is so much more important than your actual body contour on the SymplifiHealth podcast.
Seen here in the blog is an educational informational piece on BMI or the Body Mass Index. You can learn how to actually calculate it and see what the evaluation of your estimated health range should be. As a person that sits in the obese range, I take offense to the thought that all obese classifications are unhealthy. I myself on paper and blood work turn out to be very healthy. I dare say healthier than most woman 2/3 my size. Why? because it is all about controlling inflammation. Once you get the concept that everything we do to try to stay healthier should revolve around the thought process of reducing inflammation... the faster we will all get healthier.
The goal should be get fit... not skinny!