JUNE 28, 2018

Listen up if you want to hear past all of the healthcare noise. The Symplifi Health episode CHILDREN SHOULD NEVER SNORE uncovers rarely heard advice about children’s sleeping habits and what likely underlying problem is hiding. In this podcast Dr. Jill Wade and co-host Aurelia Byrne will be discussing the important issue of sleep, snoring, and airway obstruction. Parents listen up! Most do not know about the lack of sleep and the link sleep disorders have in mimicking attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD). Enjoy an informative discussion on airway obstruction and the signs and symptoms that parents need to be aware of. Did you realize children should not snore, sleep walk, sleep talk, thrash around in the bed, or wet the bed if they are in deep REM sleep? REM sleep is the deep restorative and healing phase of sleep. Being a proactive parent can prevent many medical issues that your children could face in the future. If there is an airway obstruction causing the sleeping issue, until it is corrected, it will not go away. So parents take this amazing knowledge and now think about you or your spouse as an adult! Did you have these same signs as a kid and now as an adult? Children are just smaller versions of adults. Maybe you have the same underlying condition. Start the years of good rest by listening to the podcast today.

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