Want to learn more about how to look at your teeth and smile and see if you suffer from acid reflux? In this Symplifi Health episode I BET YOU SUFFER FROM ACID REFLUX AND DONT EVEN KNOW IT, Dr. Jill Wade and co-host Aurelia Byrne share the subtle symptoms that lead them to diagnose acid reflux. More than half of the patients they see on a daily basis suffer from this destructive condition and have no clue.  They are completely unaware that it is destroying their mouth. When asked are you aware you have acid reflux? They say “NO!! I don’t have heart burn.” Science feels that at least 30% of the population suffers from silent reflux, meaning they are not aware. We guess that this percentage is even higher. This episode is geared to educate the public, all dentists, medical professionals, and dental hygienists on the acid reflux dilemma. We encourage you to share this episode with your dental and healthcare providers to help you take an active look. We discuss what you need to know to diagnose the condition, reveal the root cause of the problem, and treat the symptoms versus correcting the cause. Become your own healthcare advocate and save your teeth and smile from stomach acid that was never meant to be inside your mouth. We have made available to you downloads that show real life pictures of what the acid reflux condition does to your teeth. So be sure to visit and compare your own mouth to the photos. Wanna make a bet that you suffer from acid reflux and don’t even know it?

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  JULY 19, 2018