Cancer. A word that gets our attention. We all know somebody that has been affected. For each person that has suffered or is suffering from cancer, they have taken others along for their journey. The only way to get through it is with support.

Symplifi Health is honored to have a strong relationship with THE expert in the world of DENTAL ONCOLGY, Dr. Dennis Abbott. He is a pioneer and trail blazer in the dental and medical world about the oral care of patient’s that have been touched with cancer. Although you may not have been directly affected by cancer, please listen to the knowledge that is shared in this episode. You may be able to share the information and support someone you care about. Perhaps keep them smiling during a time that can be so challenging.

Dr. Jill Wade and co-host Aurelia Bryne interview for the first but certainly not the last time Dr. Dennis Abbott. This podcast just skims the surface of introducing to you the world of dental oncology. You will hear expert advice on things to remember early on for anybody that is diagnosed that can help improve their outcome and quality of life.  Be sure to visit to download important tips to share.   

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AUGUST 2, 2018