Heart Attacks are the number one killer of woman…more than all cancers combined. And we have 100% choice of reducing our risk for an event by simply making better lifestyle choices. Come on Ladies! We have to get smart and take proactive steps to taking care of ourselves. If somebody told me I could shed off 25 pounds with a 92% success rate by doing what they said to do, I would stop everything and go for it. So why do we even hesitate when it comes to our heart health?

I am a big supporter of the American Heart Association and I am dedicated to get the word out more about the links of oral disease and heart disease. This is a subject near and dear to my heart (no pun intended). This solo Symplifi Health episode features Dr. Jill Wade, tackling the science proving that better life style choices can reduce our risk of a heart attack by 92%. If it is proven how easy it could be, then why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you listen to the podcast and learn how to focus on your health right now? Start today by reading the book “Beat the Heart Attack Gene “by Dr. Brad Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen and visit and download the 8 essentials list for heart health. Share it with someone you love.

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AUGUST 17, 2018